Import and export from India to Bangladesh stopped

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Indian traders symbolically halted imports and exports to Bangladesh through the Indo-Bangladesh border on Tuesday . Besides all the ports of Bangladesh, import-export through Petrapole-Benapole port is also closed. The traders demanded an increase in fines on imports or exports from Bangladesh and the withdrawal of the Customs House Agent (CHA) license by the Bangladesh government. They complained that Bangladesh Customs is making new laws. This is causing problems for transport traders

Kartik Chakraborty, general secretary of the Petrapole Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association, complained that in the past, when goods were imported and exported, every product had an international code. Mistakes in this code would be corrected on the spot. But now it is known that 200 percent fine is being imposed in those cases. Besides, the government of Bangladesh has brought a radical change in the case of CH license. Which is becoming an obstacle in the case of import and export of goods. So on Tuesday the symbolic has been put off.

However, Indian Customs Superintendent Abhijit Mukherjee said, “Officially, no notice has come to them from Bangladesh yet.” Our office is not closed. We are working. The port of Petrapole is open.

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