Seattle’s ‘Howe Street Stairs’ location of alleged female assaults

Emily, a woman who frequently jogs throughout Seattle, said she was punched in the face during her run near Capitol Hill’s “Howe Street Stairs” Friday morning.
She said a stranger was staring at her and when she passed him, he followed her, grabbed her, and assaulted her.
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“As soon as I turned around, I saw his fist was coming at my face,” Emily told KIRO Newsradio. “Kicking and yelling, I was just focused on this pepper spray and I aimed it at his face and I think I managed to get him in his face and I just kept yelling and trying to get him.”
Emily was with a friend, Shannon, when the altercation happened.
“She had her pepper spray in her hand and she kind of slid it into my hand instead of giving me a high five,” Emily said. “And that was my first indicator that she is freaked out by something.”
Emily posted about the incident online, where two other women commented that they were attacked in the same spot. One time on Saturday morning, the other the following morning.
A handmade warning sign is now posted on the stairs.
Emily said she has filed a report with Seattle police.