How to Use Instagram and TikTok to boost your business in 2022

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In the past few years, establishing a sound social media plan has become the key element in any effective marketing plan. Due to the pandemic that is threatening the world, and putting the world to remain behind closed doors, the amount of time spent online grew and opened the way for opportunities to be seized at a moment’s notice. Innovative companies have started to take advantage of this shift towards a more digital society, increasing their revenues. Integrating social commerce in a strategic manner through platforms such as Instagram as well as TikTok is an integral part of this shift. Social Commerce is A Big Deal

The times when you needed to leave home to shop for new shoes, a pan for frying or an espresso. Today you don’t even need to go to our computer and browse on the internet, thanks to social commerce. Social media platforms like Instagram as well as Tiktok are increasingly geared towards retail and offer a wide range of purchasing options designed for maximum convenience. Instagram Checkout lets users purchase from brands directly through the app. TikTok constantly releases new features for shopping that include a tool that lets users send shopping link links to other users and make commissions on sales.

The secret to driving sales and increasing brand recognition using this platform lies creating a loyal community. Utilizing Instagram is already easy and simple to master. In order to make money on this, you need to provide consistently high-quality information, especially if you’re making use of it to promote your business. Do you want to organically increase the number of followers on your Instagram or buy real Instagram followers?

Quick Selling Using TikTok

In 2017, the app was released. TikTok has seen a rise in ranks of recent years and with more than 700 million users around the world it’s only two places further behind Instagram in terms of the amount of users. Short-form video has been a huge hit on the market particularly when you consider the effect on social media distancing.

1. Video

Videos enable brands to communicate their messages more effectively while also keeping users engaged. This kind of marketing has grown by increments over all social channels. It is a way of promoting the product while demonstrating its worth. The videos that are short, engaging and entertaining are shared widely on social media. Some even become viral! If you are using this to promote your business it allows your business to have more exposure and increases the engagement of your customers. The result is a rise in revenue.


2. Go Live

The most talked about thing is video. Live video! The act of I streaming live through Instagram as well as TikTok is a great method to engage with your followers in a genuine way. It is extremely efficient in building brand loyalty and building trust. A live stream will increase your visibility and improve your reach since live stories are featured over normal stories.

3. Targeted ads

You can make your social media advertisements according to demographics such as gender, location, or job. Instead of using something general on a traditional platform for advertising the social media platform allows you to be precise. The new moms will see advertisements for products for babies. Anyone looking for travel deals will come across discounts on flights. If you are tired of doing targeted ads, you can buy TikTok followers in Nigeria at cheap pricing packages.

4. Content Creators, Influencers, and Influencers

Content creators and influencers have large fan bases, and collaborating with them may: Let your brand be seen by an even larger market. Establish credibility by endorsement from someone you trust. Show that you’re a key competitor in your field. As with all partnership, it is essential to have an understanding of the goals and expectations. When deciding on an Instagram or TikTok influencer to work with, consider whether their target audience is similar to yours, and what the authenticity of their endorsement from their company is.If you are able to find a suitable influencer or creator of content for your brand, they can aid in increasing the brand’s visibility and sales. Professional Tip: If you’re seeking TikTok influencers to work with, you can try a TikTok search engine like the Influence Grid.

5. Users-Generated Material (UGC)

Marketers are now taking more notice of the content created by users and customers. It’s cost-effective, and since it is created by regular people, UGC fortifies trust. As the years progress, marketing guides are suggesting UGC to be an important element of making social evidence. Studies have proven how UGC has five times the potential to increase sales than sponsored posts from brands and it’s a trend can’t be ignored.

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6. Branded Hashtag Challenges

Branded hashtag challenges occur when businesses create hashtags and then ask their followers to post videos or posts in connection with the hashtag. For instance, take this extremely effective challenge from Coca Cola: Be aware that your company doesn’t need to be among the giants of the industry to benefit from a brand-specific hashtag contest. Elf Cosmetics surpassed 1 billion views within just three days when it launched the #eyeslipsface contest on TikTok. The challenge was fun and encouraged participants to share videos of themselves singing to the tune “Eyes Lips, Face.” By creating entertainment and inviting people from all walks of life to join the challenge this campaign was able to gain incredible popularity.

7. Competitions

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? If you organize giveaways or competitions your company will profit from the likes, tags and followers that it can bring into. This will increase the number of followers on your page. You don’t just reach more people, but you can also build a positive environment surrounding your business.Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Instagram and TikTok

If you’re planning to establish your business through Instagram and TikTok or start expanding your followers with these suggestions, they can help you start:

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