How to Recover Lost Data Using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery?

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Are you a QuickBooks user and facing an issue such as virus intrusion, incorrect device shutdown, or program failure? Or sometimes you encounter a problem if your QuickBooks data disappeared?


You face all such problems and search for the best recovery method to restore your lost file. Because we understand how data is helpful for any business, keeping it safe is one of the essential parts of every business. A slight data loss can seize all your business operations which can be daunting or stressful. We suggest you to use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool.


We write down the very most straightforward steps above through which you can easily retrieve all damaged QuickBooks data. QuickBooks auto data recovery tool is most important for your business as it helps to get back all your lost QuickBooks data. You can quickly recover the failed file by following the above steps. We expect that everything you find in this article is understandable to you.


How Useful is QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool?

  • It keeps the backup of all your company data
  • This tool uses the current transaction log file or a copy of the company file to restore the lost transaction.
  • It can help you recover all lost or corrupted files.


The maintenance of the company’s financial data is the most crucial part. The company financial data recorded in the company file includes the most critical or confidential information. The information consists of your payroll data, expenses, receivables, or payables income with state or sales tax.


Steps to follow for restoring your in QuickBooks

  1. Recreating the lost transaction by taking the help of the current transaction log file.
  2. Using the copy of the company file or transaction log file plays almost every transaction.


Steps to Recover lost data with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

Before beginning with QuickBooks Data Recovery, you should implement the backup strategy.

The process to backup the file can be done in a few easy steps, which we are mentioning below:


Step 1: Use the original .TLG file with QBW ADR file 

  • If you want to recover all your existing transactions, then use the original transaction log file and the ADR edition of your company file.
  • Generate a new folder on the desktop titled QB Test
  • Open the folder where you saved your company file.
  • Now copy the matching .tlg file of the company file and paste it to the QB Test folder on the desktop.


As we have mentioned above, make sure to use the original version of the QuickBooks file.



If still, you face any issues in recovering the lost data files in QuickBooks desktop after applying the above steps, then without hesitating, you can contact our QuickBooks desktop support team.


As we understand the importance of every business and we care about the presence of financial data, it is crucial because all your business depends on its data. So, you can contact our team of experts on 1-800-761-1787. They are available 24 hours for your queries.

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