How to Put Ribbons on Your Christmas Tree to Achieve Decorative Festive Look?

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Do you think that ribbon, as a festive décor item, has fallen to the wayside in the present times? Well, think again. When you are working with a décor project, no matter how many new ingredients and different themes you follow, ribbon is an item carrying endless possibilities that can be integrated into any project seamlessly.

Christmas is round the corner and you would be pretty much pumped up about creating a unique and exemplary Christmas décor at your home. Of course the Christmas tree would be central to your design theme. How about combining this with ribbon embellishment to create something carrying traditional aesthetics but having a fresh feeling? You can make use of specialist Christmas ribbon for your project, and can also leverage use of other ribbon types as well.

Here, we are listing down some creative ways to put ribbons on Christmas tree and get specific decorative festive look.

Tips to Use Ribbons with Your Christmas Tree the Right Way

  • Do not use ribbons in a straight line, as this will end up giving a dull and artificial feel to the entire tree decoration. Better hang them in organic stripes.
  • It is better to tuck the ribbons into the back of the Christmas tree at the start rather than knotting them, and wrap the ribbons around the tree gently.
  • Preferably you should use thick ribbon rather than thick ribbons, until and unless you pair thin ribbons with thick ribbons.
  • The right way to use ribbons on a Christmas tree is before the decorations and decorations but after you have put the lights.
  • An important thing to note is that you should not wrap the ribbons too tightly around the tree.

Now, in what different ways you can put the ribbons around the Christmas tree:

  • Bows

Cut the ribbons in short lengths and then tie them around the tree in delicate bows with proper spacing. To create a big impact with this décor, make sure that you are using a eye-catching ribbon that stands out against the tree branches.

  • Spiral Display

Pick ribbons in bright red color, which will go well with the deep forest green tree. Now wrap the ribbons around the tree, starting from the top (a plush bow at the very top), working toward the down, in stripe form. Ensure to give enough space between the stripes so that the decor doesn’t look too crowded.

  • Snowy Feel

Why not create décor feel that is synonymous with the weather around. Use white ribbons, wrap that around the tree gently, hanging it in way that it creates a natural feel from the top toward the down. It will help achieve a freshly fallen snow feel.

  • Stripe Mix

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to use only single color ribbon. You can use two or more patterns, colors and create a striped pattern wrapping them in a uniform way. Maintain even space between both, and pick color or pattern that matches your home’s entire décor theme.

  • Leverage Gold

You don’t have to limit yourself to red-green compo. You can replace the red part with the golden hue ribbon, which will complement the earthen tone of the tree, while also reflecting the light glitter.

  • Curly Spiral

A curly spiral look is a fresh idea that you can opt for to create a dynamic texture. It might take a little bit of effort more than others, but the end result will be something that everyone will adore and praise.

  • Paper Chain

This one is an age old Christmas tree décor theme that we, as kids, used to create every year. Time to visit this old and nostalgic route, which is still a very lovable art and craft idea to try out. Having ribbons put on the tree in paper chain style will complement other ornaments, whilst also being a cost-effective and fairly easy idea.

  • Cascades

Flowing cascades is also one idea that is preferred by many. Move away from the classic ribbon wrap style and create vertical cascades by trimming the ribbon strips, and then laying them atop the tree branches. Tweak and modify the look as you want.

Trying out any of the above mentioned Christmas décor using different types of ribbons like white burlap ribbon, or some other, will definitely add to your festive feel in a great, inspirational way.

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