How to prepare for a sporting event?

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How to prepare for a sporting event? All about the declaration of the event, requests for authorizations and approvals, the obligations of the organizer of the sporting event (running, endure, first flight, a nautical festival, car rally, etc)

The organization of a sporting event is subject to the rules that are applied to all types of event, but also to specific formalities: obtaining approvals, authorizations, making declarations and respecting procedures subject to deadlines.

So, if you are planning to organize a car rally, a running race, an enduro, a first flight, a nautical party, here is how to set up this project.

Who are the main players in the sporting event?

The organizer of the sports event

Any natural or legal person can organize a sporting event, competitive or not. The organizer is fully responsible for the security and emergency measures that he puts in place for the event. The device must comply with the regulations and ensure the safety of both participants and the public . This can also lead him to refuse access to the event to people presenting a danger to security .

The mayor

He authorizes or not the holding of a demonstration on the territory of his municipality . He also takes the necessary measures for the safety of people.The prefect

It intervenes when an event takes place on the territory of several municipalities and when a regulatory text provides for it . He must be informed of the organization of events planning a gathering of more than 5,000 people on a site.

The delegated sports federation

It is the sports federation that the Ministry of Youth and 해외축구 중계사이트 appoints to organize sports competitions at the end of which international, national, regional or departmental titles are awarded. It is she who dispenses the approvals, enacts the technical rules specific to the discipline, the rules of the game, the rules of organization of the competitions, the rules of access to the competitions and the regulations relating to the organization of any open event. To its licensees

What are the organizer’s obligations?

Declaration or request for authorization to organize a sporting event

You must declare the sporting event to the geographically competent administrative authority. In some cases, you must also request one or more authorizations. Failure to do so will result in criminal penalties.

You must also declare it to the delegated federation when the sporting event is open to members of a discipline which is the subject of a delegation of power, and gives rise to the awarding of prizes in cash or in kind, the value of which is higher than the amount set by order of the Minister responsible for sports. Currently, this value is set at €3,000.

This declaration is subject to compliance with the regulations and technical rules issued by the delegated federation and to the conclusion of a contract between it and you. Illegal issuance of titles is a criminal offence.


You must take out insurance that covers your civil liability, that of the participants, that of the employees and volunteers taking part in the organization. These guarantees must also cover the referees and the judges in the exercise of their activities as well as the staff of order service or security mobilized on the event. Otherwise, you risk imprisonment and a fine.

You can also recommend that practitioners take out personal insurance for damages they may cause to themselves.


You are responsible for the safety of people who participate or attend the sporting event, depending on the characteristics of the event. Note that in the context of a terrorist threat, the administrative authorities which issue the authorizations are particularly attentive to the measures you put in place.

In the case of a competition, you must carry out a medical check of the participants .

Participants must present either a license attesting to the issuance of a medical certificate , or, for non-licensees, a medical certificate of less than one year.

Get closer to your delegated federation and comply with the technical rules it has established.

Make sure that the sports equipment used during the event complies with the standards in force.

Provide security for any for-profit sporting event. Note that a security service may sometimes be necessary for non-profit events. Exceptional order service costs insured by the State (police, gendarmerie) are invoiced to the organizer.

Set up appropriate signage during events on roads open to traffic: flaggers must be easily spotted by road users, mobile barriers and pickets must have a red side and a green side.

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