How To Maintain An Impeccable Business Premises

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Cleanliness in commercial premises is of vital importance to give a pleasant appearance and a good impression to customers. Every day, a commercial premise gets dirty due to the recurrence of people and the accumulation of dust, food spills, etc.

92% of 1000 customers interviewed indicate that a clean and tidy store increases the chances of making their purchase there.

Although many can clean it two or three times a day, it seems that it is never enough because the dust returns and takes over floors, windows and shelves. We recommend you follow the following cleaning tips:

Tips for cleaning your business premises

Floor Cleaning

Let’s start with the basics, the floors. We recommend that you clean the floors of your premises at least twice a day, that is, before starting the working day and after finishing it.

However, the number of times it is necessary to clean the floor also depends on the type of activity carried out within the premises. If it’s a grocery store or restaurant, you’ll probably need to clean at least 3 times a day.

To do so, perform the following steps:

  • Use a cleaning mop or mop and a bucket.
  • It is essential to use hot water to disinfect the area and remove bacteria, spilled food remains, stains, among others.
  • Now, you can apply a second cleaning with scented disinfectant and a few drops of bleach. These two products will leave your floors with an exquisite aroma and completely clean.
  • You can make use of floor wax, in order to leave the floors shiny.
  • Main Surfaces: counters, tables, windows and doors

Some commercial premises have glass doors, for these cases it is essential to clean them often, adding glass cleaner with a spray so that they are totally impeccable.

Also, it is important to clean tables, counters, door handles and other objects that often come into contact with customers. This can be done with the help of a clean woolen cloth, chlorine and disinfectant.

For windows, it is also recommended to use glass cleaner and keep them open to ventilate the spaces in the premises.

Cleaning in the bathroom

Bathrooms are known to be the number one concern of customers when shopping. For this reason bathrooms should also be cleaned daily, at least once a day.

Use chlorine, multi-purpose soap, odor tablets for the toilet and disinfectant to eliminate bad odors. Don’t forget to leave toilet paper, hand sanitizer gel or liquid soap.

Beyond what the customer sees: inventory shelves

Although the client does not see it, it is essential to thoroughly clean the shelves that store the inventory of the commercial premises, since it is in these places where dust tends to accumulate and this is the main contaminating agent that causes diseases and infections.

We recommend using a clean cloth and the use of chlorine and disinfectant to remove dust particles on the shelves. When it comes to impossible to remove stains or sticky surfaces, use a degreaser or hot water to facilitate rengøring.

Did you know that having a clean store increases the chances of your customers making an impulse purchase by 200%?

  • Other tips that you cannot leave behind for cleaning commercial premises
  • Aromatizes the environment to eliminate germs that remain in the air.
  • Empty the bins before they can reach the top.
  • Clean surfaces where food or drinks have been spilled immediately.

We assure you that, by cleaning commercial premises in this way, you will attract more customers, due to the good image they perceive. But, if you consider it a difficult task, do not hesitate to contact the most specialized in cleaning, which are: Jacobsens Rengøring.


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