How to know the name of a song in a few seconds

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If you want to know the name of a song or an artist, there are many platforms that can help you. Discover how to know the name of a song step by step.We have all heard a song that we like on the radio or on television without knowing the title and then we wanted to know what song it is. This situation is quite common, but it is also very frustrating not being able to find the song you are looking for without knowing the title.

A few years ago, the only way to know the name of a song was to try to hum it and ask a friend if they knew the artist or the title. Now, thanks to the Internet, it is much easier and there are many quick and effective solutions.

Methods and applications to know what song it is

Know the name of a song with Google

Google always has the answer to what you want to know. This world’s leading web search engine returns thousands of results for each search, both textual and auditory. Therefore, if you know a part of the lyrics of the song you will only have to write it there . If you heard it in a movie or series, look for the soundtrack and review it until you find the one that interests you.

What song is it with YouTube

If you want to recognize songs online without having to download them, YouTube is a great ally. You just have to write a fragment of the song in the search engine of this platform and review the results. You can also try the name of the artist, if you know him, and search among the tracks that that artist has registered.

With the voice search

Certain browsers such as Google, best lyrics website have voice search services. To use them , you must activate the microphone on your computer and speak directly into the audio receiver.

To do it from your mobile, you must open the Google app and go to the main screen to activate the ‘Sound Search’ Widget, which has the icon of a musical note. When you press the icon and sing or say the song excerpt, Google will show you various search results. You can also try this option by moving the microphone closer to the television when the song in question is playing.


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