How to know if a bag is fake?

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Nowadays, piracy is very common in brand bags such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci, since they are objects desired by many women.There are very bad replicas but there are others almost identical, here we give you some tips so you can identify when you come across a fake.

Although the 레플리카 사이트 is very well made, in the seams you can tell the authenticity of the bag. Look very well, at the corners, the internal pockets and small details where the seams are not PERFECT. A true luxury bag will never have a crooked or poorly done seam.

A fake bag often has the wrong name,

Perhaps the font and the logo are identical but there is a wrong letter, for example, instead of Louis Vuitton it says Louis Litton even Louis Vuitton Paris. Or on the contrary, the name is well written but it is of a different typeface than that of the brand. Study the logos and names carefully to know which one is correct.

In general, good bags do not have a lining, if it is not the same leather with a different treatment (color or texture) inside. Pirate bags usually have a fabric lining inside. Only branded cloth bags have a lining, which is perfectly placed and sewn.

The authenticity card

The big firms are tired of piracy so all their bags have a card inside (such as an ID or credit card) that shows the serial number and the authenticity of the bag.


Sometimes fake bags use colors, shapes or details that have never been in the brand’s catalog. For example a Chanel bag with a red plastic Camellia glued to it. Make sure you know well the designs of the brands by visiting their Internet pages.

Closures, chains, and closure methods

If they come to fade from gold or silver, or they are made of plastic, or they do not work perfectly, you are dealing with an imitation.

Really the best way to know that a bag is pirated is to study and get to know your favorite bags well. Know what the closures, colors, logos, and designs are like. Buy in the original boutiques and not in markets or Internet pages.

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