How to compare the price of car insurance?

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Comparing the price of car insurance is a very important task to choose the best option for each case.

To do this, it is not enough to analyze the value itself but to understand a series of factors that involve this decision.

Today we will give you some essential tips so you know how to better discover and compare prices.

5 tips for comparing car insurance prices

To be able to compare the price of car insurance, one of the first things to keep in mind is that the quotes made must be egalitarian.

What does that mean?

It means that when you make multiple quotes, you need to see if their specifications are the same. Often, the price difference can arise due to different coverages. 

So, pay attention to the tips below:

Always use the same coverage and deductible options in quotes

Auto insurance pricing can vary greatly depending on the coverages you add. 

For example, the most basic coverage is usually theft and fire, followed by damage caused by the weather, such as windstorms and even collisions (generally third-party coverage is the most common). 

However, it is possible to include coverage against damage to glass and even crashes that cover the indemnity to the insured car itself. This changes the price of car insurance.

The more coverages, the greater the value.

So, when quoting and comparing which insurer offers the best value for money, make sure that the coverages selected for both are the same.

Inform all safety items present in your vehicle

In order for the insurer to properly assess the probability of risk and damage, inform all safety items that your vehicle has.

They include alarms and shielding.

Pay attention to everything that is included in the coverages

As we explained in the first topic, it is very important to be aware of what insurance does not cover. This is so that you are not caught off guard and unprepared in the event of an incident where you cannot count on the insurance company.

But remember that in any case, it is very important to provide her with the right information and practice defensive driving.

The insurer, in general, will not cover claims that are proven to be the responsibility of the insured.

Choose appropriate indemnity limits

When choosing your auto insurance with schedule 1 tax, talk to your broker and choose the appropriate indemnity limits.

This is because the insurance will cover claims according to the contracted value limit for each policy covers. The insured determines this value upon contracting and prices may also vary depending on the chosen one.

However, be sure to choose values ​​that are compatible with the help you may need in each of the situations.

Don’t forget the franchise

Finally, a very relevant factor to pay attention to, in addition to the price of car insurance, is the amount charged for deductibles in some cases.

Cheaper insurance may have higher deductibles — and that’s not necessarily a problem or disadvantage. But it is enough that you are well informed to choose consciously and always organize yourself better.

It is good to remember that, in any case, even to prevent accidents, it is good to observe the performance of predictive maintenance with a certain frequency. 

Thus, you detect risks and possible wear that could compromise the integrity of your vehicle.

Is it possible to get a free quote online? 

Now that you understand how price comparison works, it is worth clarifying one more question that usually appears in this quotation period. 

After all, can you quote online for free?


With the convenience of the internet and remote service, you can quote the price of car insurance even online. To do this, simply choose your trusted broker and enter the previous information to make a simulation.

At the time of closing, however, these data will be confirmed. However, initially informing details such as:

  • the brand of the car;
  • the year of manufacture;
  • model year;
  • model;
  • version.


Some extra information may be requested, focusing on details such as whether the vehicle is armored, has an alarm, and is financed, among others.

Another very important piece of information – which can impact the price of car insurance – is also whether or not it is used as a work vehicle. By entering this data on the page (and the sign), if you want better deals, you have an approximate profile analysis and an estimated value for your insurance, which helps you to plan.

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