How to Back Up PC to External Hard Drive?

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If you want to make the most of your computer, you should get an external hard drive. PCs can lose all the data stored on their hard drives for a variety of different reasons. For this reason, making a copy of your PC’s hard drive to an external hard drive is highly recommended.

As a kind of insurance, you might want to learn how to back up a PC to the external hard drive if you want to copy your important data there.

External Backup

By creating a backup copy of your essential data, you can avoid the loss of your essential information in case your computer crashes due to malicious threats such as viruses, etc. Consequently, it is the same as creating a spare key for your car to be used in the event of an emergency. Additionally, backups are critical for recovering significant data.

Having a backup of your PC has an additional advantage of making your data portable since the data is stored on the external disc drive so that it can be accessed from anywhere. The process helps match the pace of the generation of rapid action, so it is beneficial. This ensures that you and your data are as quick and prompt as possible. Read more:

Complete Procedure That How to Back Up PC to External Hard Drive:


Step 1

To determine if your external hard drive will be able to accommodate all the data you plan on backing up, check the final size of all the data you want to back up.

Step 2

A USB cable that came with the hard drive can be used to connect the hard drive to your computer. A USB cable should be plugged into the computer’s port and a disk drive into the other.

Step 3

Your computer should already have the software that came with the hard drive. Depending on the manufacturer, external hard drives sometimes come with an installation CD or DVD and sometimes no additional software is required.

Step 4

Start the program you just installed, or click on the icon of the external hard drive if there is no program. A blank window will appear on your screen, representing the external hard drive.

Step 5

All the files you want to save must be copied into the external hard drive’s window. You can copy data by dragging it onto a folder or copying it with a right-click, then pasting it. Depending on the amount of data you are backing up, this part will likely take a long time.

Step 6

The external hard drive should be disconnected or closed once copying has been completed. Before disconnecting external hardware, be sure to check the safe disconnection option. If you do not, your data may be lost or damaged.

Step 7

If you need to check if all the data is present, safe, and secure, reconnect or reopen the external hard drive. You should follow the instructions in the program you are using for making a PC backup carefully.

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