How to avoid fire during harvest

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Agricultural insurance consists of four insurances:

  • Building insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Movable property insurance 

Building insurance – this is how you are covered

With building insurance, you ensure both the value of the building itself and the function of the building.

Always included in the building insurance

  • Fire insurance. The insurance covers fire incl. lightning and electrical damage. Typically, the insurance also covers storms and similar sudden damage.
  • The mover. The insurance automatically includes a moving right. This means that if you receive compensation for damage to one cadastral number, you can choose to use the amount on, for example, a building on another cadastral number.

Make your building insurance even better

You can extend your building insurance with more coverage:

  • Storm damage insurance, etc. – for the entire property
  • Outlet insurance – for the entire property
  • Pipe damage insurance – for residential buildings
  • Insect and fungal damage insurance – for residential buildings
  • Silo and tank damage insurance – for slurry tanks and silos
  • Rent loss insurance – for farm buildings
  • Contract insurance – for new and remodeling

Home insurance – this is how you are covered

The insurance covers the contents of your private home.

Always included in the contents insurance

The insurance covers if your contents are damaged. You are protected against:

  • Fire. Covers damage after fire, lightning, explosion, and sooting.
  • Electrical damage. Covers damage after short circuit. Also covers spoiled foods after power outages.
  • Theft and vandalism. Covers damage in the event of theft, vandalism, and collision.
  • Weather. Covers sudden damage from storms, snow, cloudbursts, and frostbite in pipes and electrical installations.
  • Outflow. Covers damage to your belongings if water or oil suddenly flows from pipes in the house.
  • Traffic injury. Covers damage to your belongings in traffic accidents where you are on a bicycle, by car, or by public transport.
  • Damage to luggage abroad. Covers if your luggage gets damaged or stolen on the trip.
  • Psychological crisis help. Covers psychological crisis help, eg in the event of a life-threatening illness or serious accident in your immediate family.
  • Responsibility. Covers if you harm others or their belongings.
  • Legal aid. Covers the cost of a lawyer if you end up in a dispute, for example in a tenancy case.

How to avoid fire during harvest

Harvest fires are both dangerous and costly. See how to fireproof your harvest here. 

Liability insurance – this is how you are covered

With liability insurance, you are covered if your business is at fault for damage to other people or their belongings. The insurance also covers helps to deal with if you come across unjustified claims.

Always included in the liability insurance

The insurance always covers:

  • Private liability. Covers if you are held liable for damage to other people or their belongings. The insurance also covers if you have a dog and it is to blame for injuries to other people, including extras.
  • Corporate responsibility. Covers if your farm is made liable for damages due to damage to other people or their belongings.
  • Pollution responsibility incl. soil pollution. Covers if your company has liability in a pollution case.
  • Legal aid insurance. Covers your costs if you need a lawyer. Both in private disputes and disputes arising in connection with your agricultural production.

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