How much will the Office Cleaning Service cost?

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The majority of cleaning companies offer an unbeatable price per square feet, but only a handful have a tiered pricing system. It is common to select between their basic, standard and premium options. The more expensive the package is, the more amenities are included.

Every business will have their own pricing structures, with some having lower prices than others. Although everyone likes the price, many customers have complained about getting lower-quality services when making choices in the context of affordability. As a buyer should you ask yourself what is more important to you or your company: a lower price or a job well done.

Pricing Structure

Square Footage Pricing

Traditional commercial cleaning firms offer their services only on square footage. They offer the same type of product. They do not take into consideration the requirements of every office cleaning in south London and how many work stations and bathrooms in each office.

These businesses offer extremely cheap rates that can lead to employees rushing their services and degrading quality in order to achieve speed, as they clean multiple office spaces in one shift. The rush services usually consist of a quick clean-up of common surfaces, as well as getting rid of the trash.

The price of these services varies between $0.10 to 0.20/sqft and their usual cleaning tasks are as follows:

  • Quick vacuum
  • Quickly wipe common surfaces (kitchenette or bathrooms)
  • Remove the garbage

As it’s a free service and the equipment employed to clean your office space will be a bit toxic with plenty VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that are floating in the air your staff will breathe in the morning. Some of the products may cause damage to your surfaces, therefore don’t be surprised seeing streaky flooring or a damaged monitor cleaned using window cleaner.

If you don’t at some point you’ll begin to notice dust build-up because the brief duration of service doesn’t allow for the team to get thorough (remember that the same crew cleans several offices at the same day) therefore, you should you should plan to purchase an additional cleaning service that will Deep Clean on a monthly basis.

Tiered Pricing (recommended)

However, modern offices cleaning firms will charge your service according to the layout of your office and your requirements as well as the regularity of services. They understand that one size does not fit all and take into consideration that crucial variables such as square footage, the bathrooms, number of workstations or kitchenettes conference rooms, and private offices can have an effect on the timing of service and cost.

There are many advantages to the structured pricing structure with a tiered structure:

  • You can begin with a good-quality, basic plan, and then move up to more extensive plans as you advance.
  • The most appealing characteristic is having a rotating schedule where high-traffic areas are cleaned at every day, while areas with less traffic will be cleaned regularly on a regular basis (3x/week 2x/week, 1x/week)
  • It is a predetermined number of working hours per week.

Their tiered pricing structure begins at just $30/hr for each cleaner and looks like this:

Basic Plan
  • Vacuuming regularly throughout the day
  • Mopping 2x/week
  • Clean workstations 2x/week
  • Spot Cleaning glass doors every day
  • Bathrooms and kitchenette each day
  • Cleansing the refrigerator on Fridays
  • Recycle and dispose of trash each day
Standard Plan
  • Vacuuming daily
  • Mopping 3x/week
  • Clean workstations 3x/week
  • Spot Cleaning glass doors every day
  • Complete cleaning of bathrooms and kitchenette daily
  • Cleaning the fridge on Fridays
  • Recycling and trash removal each day
Pro Plan
  • Vacuuming daily
  • Daily mopping
  • All workstations are cleaned every day
  • All-inclusive Cleaning of glass doors each day
  • Bathrooms and kitchenette each day
  • Cleaning the fridge on Fridays
  • Recycling and trash removal each day

Which are the most important pricing factors?

With the assistance by a professional cleaning service you can develop a customized Checklist that allows you to add or remove Cleaning Tasks in accordance with the schedule of your office. Here are a few examples of how you can add on to your cleaning service:

  • Post-Construction or Renovation Cleaning
  • Moving-in or Moving-out Cleaning
  • COVID-19 Disinfection Cleaning
  • After Party or Event Cleaning
  • The Deep Clean-up is a seasonal event following major repairs in the office, or a complete cleaning of the storage area cabinets, closets and so on.
  • Window Cleaning
  • Decluttering

The reason I should engage an Office Cleaning Service?

Plan for regular clean-up of your office is your obligation in your role as an employee. It is crucial to play your part to ensure that your workplace is a secure workplace that your workers can enjoy. Be aware that there are laws in many places which require employers to provide an environment that is safe and clean for their employees, if they have them returning to work during a epidemic.

Infractions to these rules could result in substantial penalties. If you’re not sure how to handle this task on your own There are cleaning services that will take care of it for you.

Cleaning Studio offers both Regular Office Cleaning, Deep Cleaning moving cleaning, post-construction office Clean and COVID-19-specific Sanitization Services. Services are offered across NYC, CT, and NJ. We only use our meticulously formulated, 100% natural cleaning products that are made from natural essential oils. Alongside a thorough cleansing of the office We also provide COVID-19 certified Disinfection Office Cleaning Company. Visit Us

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