How cricket has paralyzed other sports in India

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In recent decades, India has seen various forms of mass entertainment come and go like wildfire

But one element refuses to go away, be it the economic, political or social conditions of the nation. Cricket has evolved in India from a sport or just a popular hobby to beating up millions of people, proudly calling it the common interest of all people, breaking down barriers between class, economic status, age or gender. A national or international cricket match remains a priority for all citizens, leading to widespread media coverage and a certain industrialization of the game.

The expression “cricket” in India later led to a growing concern among many Indians about the current and future status of other sports in the country. Although cricket is widely known throughout the country, it has inadvertently overshadowed almost every other sport, including the national one. Gone are the days when the whole nation listened with bated breath to the hockey commentary that was broadcast on the radio. The new talents of the Indian cricket team are gaining fame, spreading like wildfire across the country and in no time, while newcomers to other nba중계 are not even recognized publicly

The main reason for the out-of-control dominance of cricket in India may be due to the introduction of televisions in local homes after the Indian cricket team’s dramatic victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. , which led to the current state with the help of other factors. The next very important causal force can be recognized as the clash of eras with the rapid economic and financial development of the country with the advent of the losing Indian cricket team.


Cricket has easily gained a favorable environment in India,

Mainly due to the lack of strong competition, as very few countries take cricket as a sport seriously, and even those who consider it a minor sport. Moreover, since the youth icons in India closest to being advertised in the media are cricketers, taking advantage of the situation, BCCI has propelled cricket to the top, making it the highest paid sport in the country. As a result, if Indian parents ever want their child to become a professional athlete, cricket is usually their only choice due to the fame, luxury and wealth that comes with it.

It is clear that the government not only provides insufficient financial support

and encouragement to teams or individual players in most other sports, but even society does not pay enough attention to other games due to the traditional Indian practice of refraining from experimentation and practice. She crowds around doing what is customary. Notably, although Indian cricketers are paid in rupees in crores, many other athletes find it difficult to earn even a modest living. to cricket.

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