The 5 most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Africa

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Honeymoon destination: Many adventurers have been drawn to the wonders of the African landscape for years on end. The many attention-grabbing wild animals, the wonders of history, the beautiful landscapes and the many different cultures continue to surprise people time after time. It is therefore not for nothing that many travelers travel to Africa to see these wonders with their own eyes. With all the wonderful flora and fauna that Africa has to offer, it is also an unforgettable honeymoon destination. Do you want to know which honeymoon destination suits you best? Then look below, where 5 destinations are highlighted.

Tofo in Mozambique

When you think of Africa, you often don’t immediately think of Mozambique. Still, this destination is definitely worth a visit as a newly married couple. The seemingly dull town of Tofo offers newlyweds everything they need. From a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, to the beautiful fishing village, where the smell of freshly grilled lobster fills the air. For anyone who enjoys swimming with manta rays and whale sharks, this is the honeymoon destination.

The Masai Mara National Park in Kenya

For couples looking for an adventurous honeymoon, a visit to the Masai Mara National Park is definitely a good idea. Because of the many different types of wild animals and plants, everyone here is amazed. Be a spectator of the “Big 5” and observe the unimaginable amount of migration in the grassland. In addition to the breathtaking nature, the local culture and the great luxurious accommodation options in nature are also a plus. Enjoy the beautiful Kenya sunset together.

Zanzibar in Tanzania

For newlyweds who love not only the coastline but also the historical significance of a place, Zanzibar is the ideal destination. Stone Town, which stands on an island archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, is one of the few remaining towns and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Couples can also visit Nungwi, a quiet tourist town in the north of Unguja Island, where you can enjoy the beautiful blue sea. In addition, you can sail through the impressive mangroves and view the “Ghost Islands” during low tide.

Belo Sur Mer in Madagascar

For all lovers of the great wildlife in Madagascar, Belo Sur Mer is the ideal destination. The small fishing village is located on the west side of the island and gives you a relaxing yet active holiday. By taking part in day excursions during the day and taking a lovely walk on the beach in the evening, you can fully enjoy the beautiful village. You can also enjoy a delicious, specially prepared dinner of fresh fish and shellfish.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia

For lovers of luxury and nature, this hotel is the best location in Africa. Located on the Zambezi River and a short distance from both the Victoria Falls and the Chobe National Park, you will never be bored here. The most acclaimed hotel in Africa not only has a perfect location, but also breathtaking construction. Plus, there are many cafes and wildlife at the hotel for a honeymoon to remember.

On honeymoon, some freshly married couples can already picture it. Having fun together after the best night of their lives. Finally a moment to realize together that there is no going back, finally married! When you think of a honeymoon, tropical islands are often thought of with the water as blue as the pool. Of course this is nice, but why don’t we take a look at our own little country? A wealth of honeymoon options! Moreover, it also often saves on costs.

A wedding naturally includes a honeymoon. It is very popular these days to go to countries such as Bali and Curaçao, but do you prefer to keep it close to home? One of the Wadden Islands Ameland is a beautiful location for a weekend away or a nice holiday. Dunes, beach and sea; what else do you want? Ameland has a lot to offer and you certainly don’t have to spend your honeymoon in a boring bungalow.

Luxury hotel or 5-star holiday home

When you go on a honeymoon, you naturally want to stay in a top hotel or cottage. There are many nice hotels, but we recommend a holiday home on Ameland . The modern holiday homes are fully equipped. The houses are detached, are modern and comfortably furnished and have sheltered terraces. You can completely relax in the bubble bath or infrared sauna and this is exactly what you want after a wedding.

Romantic walks

Whoever says that Ameland is not romantic is completely wrong. What could be more romantic than a lovely walk on the beach at sunset? You can walk well on the long beaches, but there are also other nice routes. There are various hiking trails along the mudflats, through the village and between the dunes. Because the nature on Ameland is so versatile, there is a nice walk to do every season. Walking is the perfect (and romantic) way to discover the island.

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Delicious food

On Ameland you can not only walk well, but also enjoy delicious food. At the various nice restaurants you can order a lot of fish dishes and a lot is also cooked with regional products, so extra tasty. There are restaurants where you can eat something quickly, but there are certainly places where you can dine luxuriously.

If you want to explore Ameland by bike, you can do this by means of ‘biting and pedaling’. This is a cycling route where you cycle past various local producers. You can take a look at the beer brewery, cheese farm and the flour mill. You can taste as much as you want.

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