December 3, 2023
On the Gee and Ursula Show, host Gee Scott and producer Andrew "Chef" Lanier talk about what listeners should not do on Valentine's Day.

With love in the air and couples getting ready for their evening Valentine’s Day dates, the question many have is how to make your Valentine’s a successful romantic evening.
Everyone is spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day this year, with the National Retail Federation (NRF) expecting this year to be one of the highest Valentine’s Day spending years on record.
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Americans will be spending more this Valentine’s Day than in 2022. Consumers are expected to spend $25.9 billion this year, up from $23.9 billion in 2022, according to an NRF survey.
“Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to shop for the people we care most about,” Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF, said in a press release. “This year, as consumers embrace spending on friends and loved ones, retailers are ready to help customers celebrate Valentine’s Day with memorable gifts at affordable prices.”
On the Gee and Ursula Show, host Gee Scott and producer Andrew “Chef” Lanier talk about what listeners should do to create a perfect day … but more importantly, what to avoid.
Top 10 things not to do for Valentine’s Day
Don’t skimp out on the flowers, Chef said, especially if it means stopping by the cheapest store, gas station, or drug store you can find to buy cheap flowers. You’re probably not going to get the reaction you were hoping for.
“Just don’t. Nothing says that you bought your gift at the gas station more than carnations today,” Chef said.
Not writing a card
The more effort you put into wooing your partner, the better, so definitely don’t just sign a card. Put some effort into it!
“If the only writing on your card is your signature and the message included from Hallmark, don’t bother giving a card,” Chef said.
Getting bad chocolates
Another example of a lazy gift that would probably do more harm than good.
“Whitman samplers and Russell Stover chocolates are only acceptable if you’re under the age of 11,” Chef said.
Getting the wrong lingerie
Lastly on Chef’s list was making sure that if you’re going to buy clothes, especially lingerie, that you should make sure it fits your partner to not be accidentally insulting. And no edible underwear!
“If you’re 1,000%, and I stress 1,000%, sure of her size, lingerie can be an acceptable gift. Lingerie that’s rolled into a clear plastic tube and sold with a single rose at a gas station is not the same. [Same] goes for edible undergarments,” Chef said.
Don’t text your ex
To top Gee’s list of Valentine’s mistakes: Texting a previous partner, of course.
“Speaking from experience?” Chef asked.
“We all agree that it is not a good idea,” Gee said, ignoring the question.
Last minute reservations
Everyone running out to get a last-minute reservation might be better off just cooking a nice romantic meal at home rather than trying to book a table at the last minute.
“If you’re listening and you don’t have a reservation, don’t worry about it. Just do it next year. You’re good, right?” Gee said.
Don’t give a gym membership as a present
Another possibly insulting gift is a gym membership, as it might be interpreted the wrong way by your partner.
“Don’t give out a gym membership. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You’re not getting them fitness,” Gee said.
No gift cards
Other gift ideas like gift cards might seem nice in theory, but actually creates more work for your partner.
“You see, that’s work for them. So now they have to take the gift certificate, they have to call the place,” Gee said. “They have to make the appointment, they have to arrange for the vehicle to be there. And it’s just too much work.”
Don’t get men flowers or candy
Gee also argues that men don’t like flowers and candy as much as they make it seem, and that if you’re buying your man some of the more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, you maybe should think of something else.
“We fellas don’t like flowers and candy as much as we pretend to. We just don’t,” Gee said. “We flat out don’t. We don’t like candy and flowers like we pretend to.”
Only celebrate two Valentine’s days
And for the most controversial piece of advice coming from KIRO Newsradio today, Valentine’s Day should only last the first two years of a relationship, Gee argued.
“This is my rule for Valentine’s Day. Let’s just make it a two-year celebration. From the moment the relationship starts, you’re on the clock, and you get to Valentine’s Day. Because let’s be real, the best Valentine’s Day in the relationship is the first two anyway.”
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