February 26, 2024
Everett police nabbed two gas thieves in the act Tuesday morning.

Everett police nabbed two gas thieves in the act Tuesday morning.
Police spokesperson Ora Hammel says an alert citizen called 911 to report two men who were attempting to steal gas in the 2800 block of Baker Street.
Officers arrived and witnessed the men drilling into a vehicle’s tank. Hammel says “They were pretty oblivious to the arrival of police and the officers were able to arrest them.”
The men were later booked into the Snohomish County Jail for theft and malicious mischief.
Gas thefts are expected to increase as prices rise, according to Hammel. “When gas goes up, we see more cases and vice versa. So being that gas prices are looking to be on the rise again, I think it’s we’re seeing more cases as it starts to pick up in reflection of that.” Everett police previously warned residents about a rise in gas thefts last March.
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Gas theft isn’t just inconvenient—it can also hit your wallet hard, according to Hammel. “It can cost quite a bit if victims have to replace their gas tank.” Some tips from the Everett Police Department and Kelly Blue Book on how to protect yourself from gas theft:

Park your vehicle indoors or in a garage
Otherwise, park in a well-lit and frequently traveled area
Position your car so the fuel door faces the road
Invest in a locking gas cap
Do not drive with a damaged gas tank