Former football coach Joe Kennedy reinstated with Bremerton High

Former Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy has been officially reinstated by the school following a seven-year legal battle where the Supreme Court upheld his right to pray on the field after games, the district confirmed with KOMO News.
Kennedy reportedly wanted to return to Bremerton as soon as last fall, according to an interview with Dori Monson.
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Kennedy began praying on the field after football games in 2008, continuing the practice until 2015, when he was placed on administrative leave for violating district orders to stop praying. He and the school district reportedly debated whether his praying was protected under religious expression multiple times.
The case boiled down to whether Kennedy’s actions violated the religious and free speech rights of teachers and coaches – or whether it compromised the rights of students not to feel pressured into joining religious practices.
Justice Brett Kavanaugh, according to the Associated Press, suggested there’s a difference between a coach praying in a huddle with students or in the locker room and “when players are disbursing after the game.”
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The high court voted 6-3 in favor of Kennedy’s post-game praying practices.
According to KOMO News, the Bremerton School District said football coach contracts are approved by the board on Aug. 3, with the contracts starting a few weeks later.