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One of the most anticipated events of the year in spurts has come to an end and Azteca Deported brings it to you through our digital platforms.

The Smash Tournament activity started! One of the most anticipated events of the year in seaports has come to an end and Azteca Deportees’ brings it to you through our digital platforms. FOLLOW IT HERE!

We will be able to see many players seeking glory in one of the best

-selling video games in history; Since its release, Nintendo has sold 210 million copies. Its creator is Japanese and his name is Mashahiro Sakurai. This billionaire video game developer performed the voice of King Deseed , the penguin monarch. If you want to play it with your friends, it is possible, since up to eight participants can be connected simultaneously playing.

The characters you see on the screen prior to the confrontation

are strategically arranged. These are placed by the way they were created; the first are Mario and Donkey Kong and later Fox and Pikachu. The three ways to win are:

  • -By Time
  • -By Stock (Lives)
  • -By Life (Stamina)

The Mexican champion of the EVO in Smash, Mole , will be at home to show why he is the current monarch. Recently, this gamer from Naucalpan, State of Mexico, achieved Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glory at the 2019 Evolution Championship Series held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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