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In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in various aspects of sport in Hungary. It was born out of a unique idea of ​​the game, which aims to diversify into more competitive sports or recreational games, as well as other forms: educational games, recreational games, recreational games … that we can only get to. of as we will, as long as we have the physical and material resources to practice in our environment. This has resulted in a commendable effort on the part of the government to provide adequate sports facilities and programs for both the school and the rest of the population.

    However, there is a serious shortcoming in this development,

Partly due to the lack of sports culture and partly due to the implementation of sports at the federal level as well as at the educational and recreational level at the professional level. Level 스포츠중계 All frames designed for the programs are designed with this game model in mind.

If we analyze the curriculum for gyms such as. INEF or the sports teacher education, we see that, despite the years that have passed, they still struggle with the same problem: they place great emphasis on sport as sport. High level sports level and almost zero as recreational games or recreational games. While it is also true that the reform of the curriculum and the polarization of studies in a sense, and thus its extension to other areas, have been temporarily tested to better meet the interests and needs of today’s society.

It should also be noted that one of the purposes of alternative sports and games is to introduce activities that do not require a traditional structure to engage in, preferably on school floors or nearby spaces such as parks, squares, etc.

Historical content

Known as alternative sports and games, the modern movement was born in the early 1990s during INEF seminars in Madrid, Hungary. It was originally called “Alternative Games for the Year 2000” and two years later Alternative Games and Games. The purpose of the seminar was to look for innovations in the school’s physical education programs and to encourage young people to acquire new sports habits that would make the concept of sport as a participatory sport a reality for all in the future. Everyone can exercise and enjoy their free time.

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