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In recent years, we have witnessed incredible developments in this country in various areas of the sport. It started as a unique idea for a sport, conceived as a very competitive sport or spectacle to blend into other genres: educational sport, leisure sport, leisure sport … We started with the idea that sport is just one right of our choice, as long as we have physical and physical facilities to practice the sport in our environment. For this reason, government agencies do a commendable job of providing adequate sports facilities and programs for both the school and other residents.

    On the other hand, this development has made great mistakes,

On the one hand the lack of sports culture and on the other hand by introducing sports into the image and likeness of a union or business life, both education and recreation.

If we analyze the curricula of training centers such as INEF or institutions for the training of teachers who specialize in physical education, we realize that in recent years they have also suffered from the same shortage: they place great emphasis on sports that are considered high sports level and almost up to recreational or recreational sports It is a sport that does not work. And research on reviewing research plans and the polarization of research in a certain sense and extending it to other areas has been going on for some time and has become more in line with the interests and demands of the current Society.

It also goes without saying that one of the exact goals of other 스포츠중계 and games is to offer activities that do not require public facilities to practice them.

 Historical formation

The modern movement known as games and other sports began in our country around the beginning of the nineties at the INEF seminars in Madrid. At first it was called “Alternative Sports for the Year 2000”, two years later it was Alternative Games and Sports. The aim of the symposium was to explore innovation in the school’s physical education programs, and through these programs, young people’s awareness and the idea of ​​sport for all as a participatory sport in the future is really possible. Everyone can practice and use it in their free time.

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