8 in hospital after exposure to dangerous substance in Seattle

Three Seattle firefighters and five others have been taken to the hospital to be treated for exposure to a dangerous substance that forced the evacuation of an apartment building Tuesday.
“Our firefighters that were involved in helping with the evacuation and also investigating were the three that were exposed to the substance,” Seattle Fire (SFD) spokesperson David Cuerpo told KIRO Newsradio. “Most people, including our firefighters, are reporting just minor respiratory symptoms.”
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Of the victims, only one — a 54-year-old woman — was transported in serious condition.
“That was mainly a precautionary measure, given a compromised immune system,” Cuerpo stated regarding the resident in serious condition.
Crews have located the substance that led to the evacuation in South Seattle’s New Holly Neighborhood earlier this afternoon, but there’s no word as to what it is yet, as of this reporting.
Everyone impacted was on the 3rd floor of the building on MLK Way South.
“They went up to the third floor and encountered multiple patients and were trying to help them evacuate to safety,” Cuerpo said.
SFD is currently airing out the building and hopes to have everyone back inside later tonight.
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