April 21, 2024
Pierce County emergency managers have issued an evacuation order for a one-mile radius in Roy around 336th Street South and 89th Avenue South.

Pierce County emergency managers issued an evacuation order in Roy Thursday afternoon. The order was issued for a one-mile radius around 336th Street South and 89th Avenue South — just northeast of McKenna near the Cowboy Baptist Church — because of a wildfire.
Everyone in the area is advised to head toward Yelm or Roy to get away from the danger.

Pierce County firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in south Pierce County. Please follow the Pierce County Sheriff page for updated evacuations. 🔥 https://t.co/WA1FLQXI8Z
— Pierce County Firefighters (@IAFF726) July 6, 2023

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“This fire mostly is contained in the field right now we’ve got two helicopters out here dropping water constantly,” Darren Moss, Sergeant with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, told KIRO Newsradio.
The fire, believed to have been started by fireworks, is threatening to damage approximately 40 structures, as of this reporting.
“A person self-reported he had been launching off fireworks, started this fire out here in a field,” Moss continued.
People are advised to follow the social media accounts of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office for updates.