Done with Spring Cleaning? Break Out the Flex Paste and Do These 3 Projects

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You vacuumed the carpet, mopped the floors, and dusted hard-to-reach surfaces. You finished spring cleaning! Then, you see the cracks in the caulking of the bathroom and feel a slight draft coming through a closed window. When you finish spring cleaning, it’s time to get out the Flex Paste and do a little maintenance and repair around your home.

If you’re new to home improvement products, Flex Paste might be new to you. It’s an easy-to-use, super strong, quick fix everyone should have on hand. The thick, rubberized paste seals surfaces so that air, water, and moisture stay out. It adheres to many surfaces, so it’s useful in and around the home. So, pick up some protective gloves, read the Flex Paste directions thoroughly, and put your putty knife to work.

After You’ve Cleaned Out the Bathroom, Get Out the Flex Paste

Did you finish cleaning the bathroom only to realize there are cracks in the caulking? Then you see fixtures you want to rearrange. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy repair process. Use Flex Paste to repair and reseal caulking. From there, fill holes in the wall with an even layer of the paste using a putty knife. Afterward, you can paint over the rubberized paste on the walls, so it matches the rest of your bathroom. This also makes Flex Paste fantastic if you have to seal other holes in the home from wall hangings.

Once You Start Up Your AC Unit

Spring is the time to check your air conditioning unit before summer. Before you do, it’s important to make sure your windows are properly sealed. That way, cold air stays in the home, and the heat stays out. Seal up your windows with some Flex Paste. It will help keep your home temperature-controlled during the warm spring and summer months. Be sure to use masking tape to protect surrounding areas. It will ensure clean lines and a mess-free workspace.

Take Flex Paste Outside Before Starting Outdoor Projects

Once you complete work inside, it’s time to go outdoors. Spring is a great season to fix up the yard and start gardening projects. Flex Paste works wonders outside, too. It bonds well to wood, tile, concrete, metal, brick, stucco, and masonry. Not to mention copper, ceramic, porcelain, natural stones, roofing, and other surfaces. You can also apply the rubberized paste underwater. Repair any cracks in a pool, even if it’s filled. Do tile work on outdoor walls or the ground. Then, fix any birdbaths in your garden. Cover all your bases!

Flex Paste is a fantastic product to have on hand for springtime home projects. After wrapping up a project, remember to reseal the container according to the directions. Use the protective foil you kept when you opened the product to reseal the paste. Then return the silicone packet to the container. You’ll also need to clean up anything surrounding your latest project. This requires either mineral spirits or a dry cloth. Once you pack away the paste, you can officially say spring cleaning is done for the year. It’s time to enjoy the season fully.

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