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There are more than twenty combat scenarios, which enriches the experience. The maps have different item placements and are set in different locations. Each one allows you to tackle tactics that can be more or less effective. It all depends on the coordination of the players and the skill with the tank. Don’t let your guard down!

Download Destiny 2 on Steam

Destiny 2 is a huge game that we should be thankful for being on Steam. If you love shooters , good stories, awesome graphics, and cooperative and competitive games, you’ll be 100% right if you bet on Destiny 2! In it, you choose one of the three classes and embark on a long journey, full of dangers and mysteries to solve.

Although you can play it completely alone, it is really enjoyable in company or facing other players. Take your time to develop the character, complete missions and get the best equipment possible. As a looter shooter , it takes a lot of time, but luckily, you enjoy every step of it. Especially with such good gameplay!

Download Eternal Return on Steam

Eternal Return is a curious online game. It mixes typical mechanics of battle royales , survival games and MOBAs, and combines them to bring us a unique experience. Choose your character, go alone or in company to the battlefield and use everything in your favor to win the game. You need to level up and explore to find the best gear. Otherwise, we assure you that you will suffer a painful death!

Team Fortress 2

Descarga Team Fortress 2 en Steam

Team Fortress 2 is a team shooting game, an FPS that contains RPG elements, mainly due to the class system and the attributes of each weapon. In each game, the red and blue teams must choose attack, defense and support characters, in addition to working in a coordinated manner. No plan will be successful if everyone goes their own way!

As you can see, Team Fortress 2 has cartoon-like graphics,

with a charismatic, expressive and crazy atmosphere. There are different competitive game modes and, from time to time, you can enjoy cooperative modes, in special events. Ready your weapons, and defend that checkpoint!


Aim Lab

Aim Lab


Download Aim Lab on Steam

Aim Lab is not a game itself, but it is a useful tool for fans of shooters . It is a kind of laboratory that you can customize in order to improve different essential aspects in shooting games. You’ll be able to test your accuracy, reaction, sensitivity, handling weapons, test your attention span or memory, etc. Highly recommended!

Download War Thunder on Steam

War Thunder is a military action 먹튀검증 set in battles from World War II to the Cold War. It contains no more and no less than 1,800 vehicles and dozens of maps in which to fight against other players. Each match takes place on land, air and sea, depending on the map, and the objective is simple: destroy the enemy!

In addition to having powerful multiplayer and dozens of active players, War Thunder also offers single player content. Participate in historical battles and obtain victory for your side. You’ll enjoy incredible graphics and sound, and good gameplay with touches of simulation and realism.


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