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Watching sports is one of the favorite entertainments of millions of people around the world. For decades, getting together in front of the television with groups of friends and taking the opportunity to support them with the bet365 Chile bonus code by watching the game of the weekend, the boxing fight that everyone is waiting for or just watching the Olympics or the World Cup It is almost a ritual where from the food to the banderoles’ have their importance.

But we are in 2022 and now you don’t even need to be in front of the television, technology allows you to enjoy the transmission of sports on websites, from your mobile or tablet, while you go to work or in the waiting room for your consultation in the dentist. Therefore, if you are a fan of sports, you will be interested in knowing the 5 best sports streaming sites.


With interesting advantages such as being able to download its content from the App, and even view it later offline. ESPN in any of its formats is a guaranteed door for nba중계 fans, bringing you closer to the best broadcasts, analysis, data and, above all, quality work to bring you closer to the best in the sports world. ESPN accepts up to three simultaneous broadcasts.


As with ESPN +, it allows you to download some events and watch them later without being connected to the internet. In this case, with the interesting bonus of having 4K streams available (not all streams). This site allows you to create up to six accounts, customizing a profile for each user based on their preferences and how they choose to enjoy Paramount+.

You can access Peacock TV and NBC Universal, with the best options in sports broadcasts.

Sky Sports

One of the easiest sites to navigate, it offers a first-class user experience, with intuitive menus and quality programming, which includes not only activities in varied sports such as cycling, running, soccer or golf, but also interesting programs for analysis, reviews, anecdotes and everything about the sports world.

With live broadcasts every day,

Sony Live brings you closer to dozens of championships, tournaments and competitions around the world. In addition, they will always be present at the most important sporting events on the planet.

Its programming grid is not limited to a group of sports and you can get events as different as soccer and fishing, or tennis and basketball. Do not miss their special programs and analysis of the latest international events or major soccer sports leagues.

Fox Sports

The perfect combination of variety and quality, at Fox Sports you can enjoy sports broadcasts in HD, learn about current sports and history, anecdotes and records in the sports you like the most. The best thing about this sports streaming site is that you can access a giant catalog of activities, competitions, grand prizes or laps, interviews and even find out the schedule of the tournament that interests you, for free, to schedule your day or week. And be aware of the programming you want to enjoy.

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