Best Selling Male Masturbators: Comparison 2022

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Some models are exact 3D copies of real vaginas (model replicas), there are even famous porn actresses! On the other hand, as its cost has recently been reduced quite a lot, it is common to buy several, the one who tries repeats!

Cups with digital functions allow you to feel different experiences, such as a female voice with passionate moans and climaxes. What allows porn viewing experiences to be taken to another level!

It is a false myth that they are only used by people without a partner, on the contrary, statistics indicate that people with a partner use them regularly as a complement to their relationships and to gain the ability to obtain pleasure for themselves and for their partner. Fortunately, limiting ideas are becoming a thing of the past!

Its cleaning is easy and simple. They use hypoallergenic materials such as medical-grade silicone 성인용품 or TPE advanced thermoplastics, without a doubt the best, since they simulate the soft touch of the skin. It is not worth buying cheap models or doing DIY, here the quality is not negotiated.

 To cite some examples of a growing sector that does not stop incorporating innovations.

Although masturbation is taboo in many societies, there are many medical studies that indicate that it is very beneficial in several ways, having orgasms and ejaculating releases endorphins related to the improvement of sleep and its cycles, helps concentration and the state of mood, reduces the negative effects of stress and tension and even protects us against infections and prostate cancer, among many other benefits.

All these benefits are related to the release of hormones related to the phases of arousal and ejaculation in men.

As the testosterone hormone responsible for muscle development and libido, adrenaline as a natural activator, dopamine increases strength and blood circulation, serotonin improves mood, oxytocin the hormone of happiness, arginine is a ant diuretic vasopressin and provides cardiovascular stability, or melatonin that improves the sleep-wake cycle, etc. A revitalizing hormonal cocktail, which by nature every man needs!

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