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A recent customer of mine named Amanda illustrates this kind of mindset. The price she paid for her purchase was very low and I didn’t earn a lot of a profit. The project required many hours of work, numerous opportunities, a lengthy short-sale escrow, and some delays. The whole thing was of no worry to me because of the kind of client Amanda was. The amount of time and effort was not a factor, as Amanda was an absolute professional. I wish that all my clients could be as good as her. In reality, I’ve stated in the course of dealings with a variety of clients that I would like all my clients could be like the one in front of me. When I do this I’m starting to this client that he has the qualities listed below regardless of the situation I will be there without any doubt to make sure that everything is in order.

  1. Be sensible! Do not get emotional, no matter what. When people are overly emotional the agents can become impatient. It’s a mature world and you must behave like a mature adult. I’ll be there to help you throughout the transaction, however, irrational customers never receive the most exemplary treatment.
  2. Be available! If you don’t get a response to your phone or emails aren’t an indicator of your professionalism. This could be a red flag for an agent and a signal that you aren’t as motivated as you think you are.
  3. Make sure you are punctual! If I’m punctual then you should also be on time. It’s an easy matter, but it’s shocking the number of people who are in the middle of every single thing. It’s a punch in the face, and you’ll lose points in my opinion if you aren’t on time for your scheduled appointments. If you don’t show up for an appointment, you should start looking for a different agent. I’m sure I won’t be working with you again following a snafu such as this.
  4. Be flexible! Sometimes, your needs don’t meet the budget you have set, so you have to accept that! A client who isn’t rational is the worst thing I could ever want and is a wasted time. It’s a sign that the customer doesn’t know what they really want, or what’s affordable for them (what buyers can actually purchase) won’t work.
  5. Be honest and open! The more transparent and honest you are the better I am able to assist you. Sometimes, I work for several weeks with a client only to learn about an individual’s preference, financial situation, or a specific requirement that is not addressed. This can severely impact the ability of the client to identify something that will be effective. Be open to the agent you are working with, and they are better prepared to help you find the solution you’re seeking!
  6. Give thanks! Give a little love to your best real estate agent in City. Let them know that you appreciate the effort and time that you’ve put into it for your own benefit. A happy client is much easier to get along with. He also earns more respect than a demanding customer.
  7. Be courteous! It’s a business and you’re dealing with an expert. Make sure you treat your agent the way you would like to be treated. If I am treated with respect I’m not having any issue moving on and leaving any potential client. Some clients are compelled to act rude or intimidating to assert control over the situation. This is not ideal for a mutually productive and healthy business relationship.
  8. Be reliable! I’d like to be able to believe in you and I expect you to wish to be able to trust me. If both the agent and the client are in a relationship based upon trust, nothing will hinder them from establishing trust. It’s only when I encounter clients who are skeptical about my expertise or competence that the relationship is severe.
  9. Prepare yourself! Prepare to move fast! I am sure you’re an active person, but purchasing an apartment requires determination and focus. It doesn’t matter if you were busy this week, there’s lots of paperwork to look over in a short amount of time, and I shouldn’t worry about having to go over the things you need to go over throughout the escrow. I’m making you aware of points and concerns that will directly affect the purchase as well as the house you will get. I can’t possibly want the home as much as you. Moreover, when you’re not prepared or determined, it will make the process more stressful and difficult for me as well as for you.
  10. BE COMMITTED! Commitment means that your mind and heart are aligned with regard to the objective in front of you. I’ve observed it to be the most important characteristic of all buyers in my most profitable and smooth transactions. If a buyer is committed, regardless of the obstacle that could arise in the escrow process, they can overcome it. If the buyer is fully committed, the whole process will be less stressful. If the buyer is committed then success is on the cards!

Google Your Agent!

The online community of today offers the ability of anyone to get information on the background and reputation of their provider’s name and their work ethics:,, and are but a few excellent websites that cater to service providers in a particular geographical location. As time passes more and more people will be connected to the internet, and this kind of online “feedback” will become more and more prevalent.

Apart from real estate the real estate aspect, you could and ought to be doing this with any service provider such as your babysitter, or an auto repair shop. But at a minimum, an amount of online research should be searched for any specific warning signs about the agent(s) you’re thinking of working with. Go to the website of agent and check if there are written reviews on the site and whether the reviews are in line with the ones you read online. Be aware that there are those who are just too eager to make complaints even when they are receiving good service. This can make you doubt the person you’re thinking of working with. Be aware that the internet community cannot be completely controlled for accuracy, however, it’s usually more efficient and reliable rather than being burdensome and untrue. It is certain that this type of study is likely to become more widespread since it is a result of user input and can provide an unbiased view of a particular service company. Visit Link

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