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It’s important to know what best dental surgeon in lahore are and how they work before getting them. Ten things to know before surgery:

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The best dental surgeon in lahore replaces the tooth’s root rather than the tooth itself. It’s a screw that secures a dental crown to the natural bone structure of the tooth. A crown is a dental restoration made of porcelain, zirconia, or other materials.

Do You Qualify for Dental Implants?

While implants are a good option for some, they are not for everyone. Patients with certain cancers, significant bone loss, or an uncontrollable heart rate may be ineligible for the procedure.

Can smokers have the surgery?

Before recommending this treatment plan, your dentist will need to consider your smoking habits. The lack of blood flow in the mouth prevents the implants from healing properly. The slow healing process may cause an infection, causing them to fail and necessitate removal from the bone.

best dental surgeon in lahore

What to do if you have significant bone loss is discussed

People who have lost bone mass due to osteoporosis, cancer, or other causes such as natural ageing may still be able to receive dental implants. To implant them, however, a bone graft procedure must first be completed. A bone graft takes three months to heal. The dentist will then assess whether there is enough bone to accommodate the screw or if another graft is required.

How long does the body heal?

The patient’s recovery time varies, but it is usually at least six months before they can return to work. A crown cannot be screwed into an implant that has fully healed. In the meantime, a solution is found. The dentist may suggest a bridge, partial denture, or full denture to replace missing teeth. Visit best dental surgeon in lahore for more details. Thanks.

Who will perform the surgery?

Because the procedure requires sedation, an oral best dental surgeon in lahore, periodontist, or prosthodontist will perform it. A general dentist will plan the surgery and work with the specialist to develop a treatment plan.

This type of prosthetic provides a long-term solution for missing teeth. It can be used to replace a single missing tooth or all of your missing teeth Dental Clinics in DHA Lahore.

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