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For me the most complete page of data I have found (always talking about the one I use the most, semi-professional equipment). But also, and if you liked vintage football in the purest Maldini style, Ho, so they have a lot of old data. For example, you will find the Sabadell-Real Mercia line-up of the year 1935, a real page madness.

They have a huge database of Segunda B players and teams, you can spend hours browsing the page. In a way, I use the data I share on my page to work on my own database and better understand the category.

 The Socceroos

Another page to keep in mind. It may not be as complete as the previous one (it doesn’t have that much old data), but the quantity and especially the quality is very good to see: team trends, player history, etc. Which. in the image, it gives you a visual statistic of the team’s behavior. If you’re an analyst, that’s an aspect to consider in the report we provide to the technical staff and most importantly, to better understand the team we’re dealing with 스포츠중계.

As on the previous page, if you consult the player profile (by clicking on their name when you see the club team), you can consult: their number during the season in general and in matches in particular, their history transfer , and so forth.

It was all divided by teams and leagues: National

, with the international or national team if the player is or has been an international in a category.

Football results

We come to a page that has one of those mandatory consultations.

When a match ends, who is not interested in the outcome of the opponent? Well, here you can find it right away.

But not only in professional and semi-professional football, but also in basic football and especially international football.

As a curiosity, once you click on the club name within the league you can see a history in that category. For example, this data can help us know a team’s trends in recent years.

Football Database

Probably an unknown website, but very useful. In fact, the operation of this website is a collaboration. What do I mean by this? Well, the way the page works is that while you’re sharing information about matches, injuries, transfers, etc., you can access other areas of the website that you don’t have access to can be done for free.

You can find data from many players and teams, that is the advantage of being a web worker. Logically, this information will more or less depend on the category we are looking for.

Of course you have to be patient, because Page is a bit slow compared to others.FC Stats

A very good page, but a bit short for my taste

You can follow the trending stats in the teams’ latest matches. It provides you with statistical statistics about matches (home or away), duels against teams of the same league under different conditions. Most importantly, I think it focuses on the clubs, leaving the team aside, that for an analyst

the transfer market

Surely, if you read the title at the beginning of this article, you quickly associated it with this page. And of course it is not for less.

We are talking about the most internationally recognized player data page. How many times have you listened to the radio and they talked about the “transfer market value” of this or that player?

It is always very common when signing time that they use this expression in the press.

Well, hit the nail on the head. But not only with this information, which is very interesting when you are in front of a transfer, but also to know the general performance and the bad luck performance of that footballer. Overall, you know which team you are going to play against, that’s right. But do you know the performance data of their footballers?

Since it is very likely that we do not have a memory that can hold all the data of all football players, this page will be your great ally.

Additionally, in addition to your work, you can find your next opponent’s last position per position. In the same way you will discover: their trends in the past 10-15 games, historical data, game systems they have chosen…

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