All The Subtleties Of Choosing A Lawnmower

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In modern reality, we are gradually moving away from the “grandfather” methods of caring for the lawn around the house or on a personal plot with the help of a scythe. Now there are many types of special equipment designed for these purposes, from trimmers and scythes to lawn mowers. The latter are designed to cut grass on a relatively flat surface, have good performance and are suitable for large areas.

It is very difficult for an ordinary consumer to choose a lawn mower from a large number of offered types. In this article, we will consider the types of lawn mowers for certain parameters and help you find the best option for your land.

Types of mowers

Any owner can make a beautiful lawn at his country house, near an apartment building or around a large mansion. The hurdle, if you’re choosing from a variety of lawnmowers, is the size, the landscape, and the distance from the grass house to grass.

The type of drive mechanism plays an important role. Gas or electric lawn mowers are either direct drive or belt drive. A belt-driven device is less efficient (it spends more fuel or electricity on its operation), makes a lot of noise during operation, but is cheap in price and easier to repair.

By the type of engine used in operation, lawn mowers are divided into gasoline and electric. In addition, manual models without motors are used, intended, for example, to find a small lawn area, many irregularities, bushes, etc.


Units with gasoline-powered engines are usually used for cultivating land with an area of ​​7 acres or more. Good engine power is important for large lawn mowing areas: in public services, for servicing recreation areas, adjoining territories of large mansions, etc.

If the engine power is more than 7.5 – 8 horsepower (hp), then the lawn mower equipped with it will quickly mow the lawn over a vast area of ​​more than 20 acres. Usually, a unit with drive wheels (moves independently) and a center of gravity on the rear wheels is selected for maneuverability of movements to handle such a section.

Lawnmowers with semi-professional engines of medium power (5 to 8 hp) are best used for sections of 10 to 20 acres. The width of cut in such devices is about 50 – 53 cm.

For small areas (up to 10 acres), a unit with a domestic engine of about 3-5 liters is suitable. With The cutting width of such a lawnmower is 40-43 cm, but the price will be Kawasaki Engines in Anderson SC than in previous species.


Electric mowers are designed to maintain a land area of ​​​​up to 7 acres, since there is a link to the power cable. The power of the electric motor is limited due to a 220 V power supply. The device must be selected depending on the area of ​​work. For a small area (from 2 to 3 hundred parts), a motor with a power of up to 1 kW is suitable, and a lawn mower with a powerful motor – more than 1 kW – will process a larger area.

There are also lithium-ion battery clippers; They have the advantage of mobility. The most expensive models are equipped with two batteries. While one is charging, the other can be used. Battery models cost more than mains powered units.

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