Adopt a style to have more Instagram subscribers

Adopt a style to have more Instagram subscribers

Adopt a style to have more Instagram subscribers


This strategy may seem a bit classic for gaining Instagram followers but make no mistake. We don’t follow you for the content you’ve already posted, but for what we think you’ll post in the future.

Imagine, for example, that you have a fan page about beautiful watches and that you post beautiful photos and videos of trendy watches every day.

If Instagram users constantly see your posts, they will eventually realize that you always have the most beautiful watches. They will therefore follow you expecting the same type of content.

Taking care of its content, its quality, and its regularity is the key to getting more followers on Instagram.

Sticking to the same style or theme doesn’t just serve your brand; it also helps create interest in your Instagram account, which your followers (current or potential) will get used to. They want to see the same type of content day after day.

If you meet this expectation with each of your publications, you will quickly gain Instagram followers.

Use hashtags well to gain Instagram followers

Many experts recommend sticking to 5 or 11 popular hashtags, or some other arbitrary number. When I developed my store’s Instagram account, I ignored these tips and went all out.

I was copy-pasting a whole list of hashtags from my phone to my app. I sometimes tried to use other hashtags but ended up spotting the ones that usually worked best.

Most often, I used the maximum number of Instagram hashtags, i.e. between 15 and 30.

Add all of these hashtags in your Instagram captions and as engagement with your page grows, you’ll get more and more engagements and comments.

The more Instagram followers you gain, the more exposure your posts will gain through those hashtags.

And if they’re specific to your niche, you’ll be even more likely to be discovered by your target audience, which will also help you increase your Instagram followers.

On the other hand, avoid generic hashtags such as #love or #picoftheday if you are in fashion, for example.

If you want to know which popular hashtags are recommended to gain Instagram followers, do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to the best Instagram hashtags according to your niche.

Use your Instagram posts in your blog 

If you have a personal or professional blog, you can insert your Instagram images into your posts, such as: “Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too”.

If you have a fashion blog, illustrate your style advice post with Instagram images. To do this, go to the publication you are interested in, click on the icon representing three dots (…), then on the embed option. Then copy this link into the code section of your article to embed the image.

Over time, you’ll attract more visitors to your blog, and they’ll be more likely to check out your Instagram account, too. And you gain Instagram followers

This is a longer-term strategy, especially if you don’t have a lot of visitors yet. But adding Instagram posts to your blog now will increase your chances of visibility when you start getting a lot of likes on Instagram six months from now.

Track users who like competing pages 

Another Instagram tip: find users who follow brands to gain Instagram followers. Who are your biggest competitors on this network?

Check out their posts to see who is commenting on them. Follow those same users and engage them.

Remember that when choosing competitors on Instagram, it is better to go for smaller brands.

Why? If you’re selling makeup brushes and trying to get followers from users commenting on Sephora, that’s probably not going to be the right audience, even if it’s a similar niche.

Bigger brands tend to have more loyal customers.

On the other hand, if your competitor has 100,000 followers on his Insta account, these may not be unfailingly loyal.

When commenting on photos of users you follow, don’t use commercial language or send the same message to every person you contact, or you’ll scare them away.

If they ask a question in their comment, answer them. When writing your reviews, be guided by what other users have already posted.

Communicating with users and following them can boost your account and get more followers on Instagram.

Collaborate with influencers to increase Instagram followers

Another way to get 10,000 followers on Instagram is to get influencer endorsements or ask influencers to temporarily take over your account.

If an influencer has a loyal following, their endorsement will earn you Instagram followers on your account and maybe even make some sales.

Don’t forget to write a contract prohibiting the influencer from sending fake traffic. We happened to work with an influencer who gave us a shoutout and we saw 2000 fake subscribers arrive on our account.

It was obvious that she had used a bot. When a sudden wave of fake subscribers lands on your account, you risk having your account blocked.

If you’re looking for a more effective approach to breaking into Instagram, ask the influencer you’re collaborating with to take over your account in your Instagram Stories.

So visitors will have to subscribe to your page to read the story. Don’t forget to ask the influencer to let their audience know about the event a few days in advance.

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