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* Be warned – don’t paste the text into just any channel – put your quest tracker specified channel in front of the thing (ie: “/tracker name GYAAAAAA”)
* Send “/copy ” to fallows the instructions! (I had to fiddle with that for this guide)
* QUEST2EE supports switching between SAY (ie: 3), QUEST, QUEST2EE, and a couple others. By default that is set to SAY
* 33e89ea654

It supports unicode and works with CustomTcpListener (as the base class) – you can create a custom listner and connect to any port.

In Visual Studio Express 2008 they need to go Project | Add New Item, choose the option Web | Type – URL – WebClient, give it a name, and press the OK button. This adds the “WebClient” class to your project. The rest is easy, all you need to do is add the namespace and the class

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