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Great labelling is a crucial aspect of branding. Best are the ones that capture everyone’s attention and perfectly complement your brand identity. This is because they are made of different materials. But what are these materials? How can you create one? Read on to learn more.


Labelling can make the identification of products easier. It appears to be a small investment but provides significant returns when customers stick to your brand value and enjoy the product they’ve purchased. A custom-designed and tailored label defining your product and business needs can help you further accelerate the growth.

Whether you need a few labels on sheets, die-cut stickers to give away, or a roll of labels for a new product, you can design your own labels online for all sizes of businesses. You can simply upload your artwork or design your labels online to fulfill your printed stickers requirements.

To get started, you must know material types of printed labels to cater to personal users and business needs well.

Types of Sticker and Label Materials

1. Industrial Vinyl Stickers

It is best suited for outdoor label purposes because it offers resistance to UV radiation. Also, labels made using these materials are weather and chemical-resistant. It comes with greater flexibility, making it ideal for sharply curved surfaces and rivets. Vinyl labels are largely used for pipeline labels, rental equipment, fleet decals, and cable tray cables.

2. Eco-Friendly Labels

Recycles and biodegradable labels are eco-friendly, great for organic products printed digitally to reach the highest standards. It can be advantageous for a company’s reputation to use biodegradable packing and take a step towards green living. These labels will make your product and brand’s image stand out from more traditional competitors.

3. Polypropylene Labels

It is an excellent alternative to vinyl labels and provides amazing solvent resistance. It is more economical than polyester labels and offers better clarity. These are distinguished on the basis of coating, adhesive, and colours, popular ones include clear BOPP labels, chrome BOPP labels, and white BOPP labels.

4. Polyester Labels

When it comes to attaining a metalised look, polyester labels can be the best choice. It offers a chrome or mirror-like finish that is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, such as labelling control pipes and panels. Polyester labels can withstand harsh operating conditions and equip with long-lasting adhesive.

5. Fluorescent Paper Labels

These labels are coated on synthetic material. It is available in colours like orange, red, pink, and green, often used for alerting people.

6. Waterproof Labels

These labels are very popular due to their potential to withstand harsh weather conditions. It suits both dry and wet applications and can be applied to many products and surfaces. They have a strong and permanent adhesive to hold them on surfaces.

Common uses include food product labels, bath and beauty products, and outdoor labels. Waterproof labels come in rolls and shapes, with both gloss and matte material options that guarantee superior finished products.

Design Your Labels Online

Creating and ordering custom printed labels and stickers has become easier with a visual online design tool. Whether you need rectangular, square, circular, or even coloured labels, you can easily find a range of options to choose from. Simply upload your creative artwork, design your labels online in any shape, colour, or size you want, and use it for a variety of applications.


The choice of label material entirely depends on your exact requirement. However, it is important to talk to an expert to decide what kind of material would be suitable for your personal use and brand’s products.
Thanks to technology, now you can create your labels online using a design tool in just a few minutes. Whether you’re requiring rectangular, square, circular, or rounded, you can explore a fabulous selection.

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