6 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing Used Milling Robots

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For most companies, buying a used robot is a big conclusion that needs a good amount of deliberation prior to the robot being acquired. There are a lot of robot retailers and resellers out there with various of them having dissimilar methods in which they sell used robots. In this article, we will discuss some tips for buying a used robot.


Used industrial robots are a prevalent option for firms looking to systematise without breaking the bank. Used robots can save purchasers between 40% to 60% associated with the charge of a brand-new robot although still offering many of the same advantages.

The used robot marketplace is more manageable with the capability to purchase through online marketplaces in addition to the rising number of robotic apparatus suppliers. When purchasing used it is imperative to do your due assiduousness to ensure you are getting a superior industrial robot. It is ideal to find one of the best companies to buy a new and used machining robot at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share some important things that you should know about buying a used robot.

1.Know What You are Buying From 

First off, finding a leading used robot supplier will suggestively lower any risk tangled with buying second-hand. Trustworthy robotic equipment companies will carefully test used robots to confirm they are in a working state before listing them for sale. They will also be open with the robot form and history. If probable, it is best to evade robot auctions and in its place purchase from a used equipment company.

2.Know the Condition of The Robot 

It is imperative to get as much info as imaginable about the condition of the used milling robot you are purchasing. Has it been overhauled? If not does the vendor offer to overhaul? Are there any misplaced or damaged parts? Is the supervisor and teach pendant encompassed? If purchasing online ensure the vendor can offer pictures of the articulated robot. You want to have a perfect understanding of what you are purchasing so there are no unpredicted wonders after the sale.

3.Find Out the Operation Hours 

Operation times are the total times a robot has worked during its lifetime. These can be a decent pointer of the ailment and shelf-life leftward on a robot.  A well-maintained robot can work for 100,000 hours or more.

4.Know the Maintenance History 

As stated above, a well-maintained robot can work for a long time, lasting up to numerous decades. Robots need routine conservation to confirm they endure working at optimum levels, stop breakdowns, and eventually extend their shelf-life. Purchasing a used robot with a good preservation record confirms you are buying a quality industrial robot.

5.Check the Controller Matches and Is the Original 

From time to time with used robots, the controller and exploiter may not match so it is imperative to authenticate the controller model. It is also imperative to find out if the regulator is the innovative one for the six-axis robot. Action hours are stowed on the controller, so if the controller is not innovative the action hours may not be correct.

6.Know Where You Can Get Spare Parts 

Used robots will generally need used parts for replacements. Taking spare parts is the portion of maintaining an industrial robot. Purchasing a used robot from a provider that also stocks used parts will benefit you effortlessly locating expendable portions to protect your speculation.


These are some important things that you should consider when buying a used robot. You can find one of the top companies to buy high-quality robotic machining for your industry.

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