5 Features & Functions to Evaluate When Buying a Camping Flashlight


Planning to go for a night-time camping trip? What are the essential elements that you should be taking along? Out of all, one that is highly needful for the night time is a flashlight.

A flashlight comes in various types, some are incandescent bulb based while some are LED based. Out of these two, LED flashlights are becoming increasingly popular these days owing to the fact that these provide longer illumination and the light effect is also soothing yet long-distance. And for your specific camping needs, you can look forward to have a rechargeable LED night light flashlight, moving from the traditional battery based.

How to Pick Your Flashlight?

Now, you might have the idea of which type of flashlight you can choose. However, there are several things that you need to consider in total as detailed below:

  1. Size and Weight

These are structural factors that must be taken into consideration at first. A flashlight that is compact, lightweight is something that will be of high convenience during camping. Apart from going for a rechargeable battery (a big comfort during your trip), you should look into features such as water-resistance, impact-resistance, different lighting modes and heat dissipation effectiveness.

  1. Light Output

Also, depending on your camping needs, you can pick from the various light output options. The light output can range anywhere between 20 lumens and over 3000 lumens. Intensity of the flashlight plays a big role in this. What is the beam distance in meters before the brightness tends to diminish? What is the rum time that is measured in hours, as in how much time the light output will decrease to up to 10% of the rated output?

  1. Lens Reflector

The lens reflector defines how the light is dispersed. Does it causes the beam to remain fixed i.e. a single beam width, or is it focused (or spot) i.e. it condensed into a spotlight form, or is it adjustable i.e. it can fluctuate between focused and wide.

  1. Battery Type

While we have talked about rechargeable battery type earlier, which is the latest and increasingly popular battery type, there are other types also. You can go for the traditional disposable one (the drawbacks being these are expensive and can be a bit hard to find). Then there are renewable ones as well which has a built-in battery and are charged through a solar panel or even a hand crank, but these are most suited for emergency kits.

A rechargeable battery is easy to get charged with a USB connection, and these provide you with low running cost, are convenient for a camping trip, spare you from the hassle of carrying extra disposable batteries, and thus reduces waste.

  1. Flashlight Controls

How the flashlight is operated is a big concern for many people. Some come with sliders while some have push buttons (both are usually operated using thumb). You can also find rotating bezel which functions effectively as a switch (but it isn’t a convenient option especially for camping trip or night-time use). Does the flashlight have a safety lock feature? Does it have am insta-beam function wherein you can switch on for limited distance and intensity illumination by a slight depression of the switch?

Above mentioned points become are key aspects that you must consider when buying flashlights & camp lighting. However, do ensure to look into your precise requirements and lighting needs and then research well to make an informed choice.

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