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If you look at the history of the population, you will get amazing information. In 1970 it was estimated that more than 70 % of the people have been alive since the world came into existence. Can you believe that? Obviously no. the rough estimate of data from 50,000 B.C tells us that more than 100 billion people came into existence. The world population clock is currently taken as an accurate source. The data for Worldometer comes from two sources. One of them is United Nations. At the same time, the second one is U.S. Census Bureau. PhD dissertation writing services at Academic Papers have expert economic. They can also guide you well for this.

Tips for Data Sources for Worldometer

  • United Nation’s Population Data

In United Nations, the Economics and Social Affairs departments review its population data based on two years. After every two years, both of the departments calculate the new data. And based on this calculated data, they update the total population rate.

  • U.S. Census Bureau

This department collects data on national and international levels. It works on the practice of medium fertility estimation. This department also updates data after every two years. It records the rate of birth and deaths as well. Even this department have all record of migrants. It works based on census, publications and questionnaires.

Future Projection of Population

  • The future projection of the population is done based on records. That is why it matters a lot that the collected data must be free from errors. If past or current data is incorrect, you cannot go for the right projection. If you consider the claim of 1970, that says more than 70% are still alive. It is unbelievable even without seeing records. It seems illogical. Suppose you take it for the right one and start projecting the population for future years. Will it be fine and right? The answer is a big NO. The future projection is very important for managing so many things globally. So it is very important to collect the right data.
  • Here is another department named as International Programs Center. It is located in the U.S. it works on data projection for the population. This department analyses currently available data. This available data is collected through different censuses and other departments. It covers the estimation of fertility and migration. Also, it covers the rate of morality. This data is not specified in some countries. But it covers all of the countries in the world. The assumption in population projection is also common. But this assumption is not a random one. It relies on past and current data. The economics experts of PhD dissertation writing services at Academic Papers can provide you with techniques for data projection.

Data of Population Projection

Let’s have a rough look at 2020, 2021 and 2022. As per data, the world population recorded in 2020 was up to 7,794,798,739. From this population, more than 50% was recorded as urban population. Same as world population recorded in 2021 is up to 7,874,965,825. Form this population, up to 57% is recorded as urban population. And in 2022, the world’s population is projected up to 7,953,952,567. And the estimated urban population is the same as 2021.

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